Terms of Use

Important information about the use of research data

To receive requested research data, the terms of use must be accepted by means of a data use agreement, which is employed to prevent the commercial use of data as well as to protect the interests of the data providers and ensure the anonymity of research subjects.

  • The relinquished data and associated materials may only be used for the purpose of academic research and instruction.
  • The relinquished materials may not be forwarded to third parties. Should the data be used in a project team or academic course, it is the data user's responsibility to ensure the terms of use are upheld.
  • Any publication that is based completely or partially on the relinquished data and/or associated materials must identify the data providers as well as the ZPID (obligatory citation)
  • The ZPID must be informed about publications that are based on the relinquished data and/or associated materials.
  • No attempts to reidentify or contact research subjects may be made.


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